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        SALES: 01467 634000
        SERVICE: 01467 634001

        Important Covid-19 Announcement

        In Response to the UK & Scottish Government’s recent announcement to ‘ stay at home’ to prevent the spread of the Covid- 19 Coronavirus, we have taken the measures to close temporarily until further notice .

        Our website is fully up to date and our Staff are still on hand to help with any questions you may have about your car or the recent change to the MOT’s in light of the virus lockdown.

        To contact the Sales Centre, use Visitor Chat, email sales@jimreidvehiclesales.co.uk or call 01467 634000.

        To contact the Service Centre , use Visitor Chat, email service@jimreidvehiclesales.co.uk or call 01467 634001.

        Thank you for your understanding, patience and understanding during this difficult time. For any further updates please refer to our Facebook page.

        Keep Safe

        Jim Reid
        Director, Jim Reid Vehicle Sales Limited

        COVID Update 07/05/2020